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Path of the Rose

On this land Saint Pius, coming down from his small farm on the top of the hill in Piana Romana, grazed his sheep and stopped beneath the olive trees while the flock drank at the S. Nazzaro Source.
Eastern people know very well that “the feet of a saint bless where they walk” and this land is mystical: here he experienced his exaltation, temptations, decisions, prayers, his first stigmata.
We decided that this land should not be contaminated, that you should be able to walk barefoot in order to perceive all the vibrations.
We cultivate the fields without the use of herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
We keep seeds in order to maintain the typical qualities of the species in order not to use genetically manipulated seeds.
We spread the manure and we turn over the hay, then after sowing, we bless the fields with the symbol of infinity.
The results have been miraculous: the plants are abundant also without irrigation and they do not become ill, sometimes the eggs have three egg yolks. A feeling of well-being is immediate when you sit beneath the olive trees to meditate and the peace of this place seems to embrace the world when your eyes follow the horizon and caress the forests and small villages on the nearby hills or contemplate the magnificent blue of the sky and the green of the fields.
Our goal is the alternative to technology, is living spirituality.

The simbol

The rose with five petals is the symbol of esoteric knowledge in Western culture. The chalice, the Saint Graal and the rose are synonymous. The rose is linked to the pentacle of Venus (five straight lines crossed to form a five pointed star).
The Yin and the Yang, the feminine and male energy in nature must be in equilibrium so that harmony can reign. This pentacle represents the feminine side of all things, a concept that the historians of the religions call the "sacred feminine or the divine goddess".
The planet Venus shows a perfect pentacle every eight years.
The rose is also represented in the compass and the winds are used as a guide: the wind rose. The word rose is the same in English, French, German, Italian and in many other languages: rose. And Dante in the XXXI canto of the "Paradise" describes the paradise vision as follows: "In shape therefore of a pure rose the heavenly hosts were shown to me, that Christ with His blood made His bride....".
And even the Templars used this symbol in order to indicate the places of their secret meetings. The rose therefore stands for knowledge and the “path of the rose” is the way that gives us the possibility to achieve it. In our programme we offer several seminars in different disciplines and special studies open to everyone.
The rose that of our logo is of a scarlet colour that stands for the initial phase of the path: red like the sacrifice that it will demand. The moon beneath represents the Bindu, that is the point of passage of our individual energy towards the universal one, represented by the rose. All signs are contained in a square – the symbol of human nature.