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The rooms are equipped with antiallergic matrasses and cussions and the electric installations are specially shielded so that your stay is wholesome for body and mind.
The chest of drawers, the wardrobe and the writing desk are made of massive rose wood. The bedcovers are handmade patchwork, stuffed with pure cotton. The lath is made of beech wood, mounted at a distance of 2 cm.
During the day the quiet may every now and then be interrupted by agricultural vehicles. During the nights you see splendid starry skies, unspoilt by any electric lights.


Ground floor


Ground floor head and foot restmade of wrought iron


two single beds made of green bamboo.Bath for the disabled


4 beds: 1 double bed made of rose wood and two single beds


First floor




two single beds head and foot rest made of wrought iron


one double four poster bed wrought iron


1 double bed plus 1 extra bed wrought iron