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Yoga is the science of general growth and the harmony of human personality. The yoga exercises combine body, mind and soul and lead to a person’s wellness.

ASANA (physical posture)
Emotions, fears, anxiety and uncertainty: all these influence a person’s life. Movements and positions exercised in a relaxing way have a positive effect on the endocrine system and on the flux of energy (PRANA) in the body. Muscular tensions are efficiently removed and the entire body becomes more elastic.

(breath control)
Breath is life. It is one method of receiving prana or bio-energy. When we do not breathe correctly, everything is only partly experienced. The breathing exercises are methods of learning how to breathe correctly and completely. This leads to profound respiratory relaxation, harmony between the two hemispheres of the brain, calmness and a lightness of the body. These breathing exercises prepare for the meditation techniques.

YOGA NIDRA (Relaxation)
Every day we are immersed in stress and anxieties. Wherever we may be socially, we are continually confronted with tensions, fears and competition. These accumulate slowly in our person and cause problems and illnesses. On a mental level these tensions surely influence our behaviour, our ways of thinking and the clearness of our thoughts. Relaxation with yoga is a dynamic state of body and mind. The exercises of yoga nidra are the adequate answer to the different kinds of tensions accumulated in body and mind and lead us gradually to a higher quality of concentration and a higher degree of consciousness.


Since her early years Dr. Rosa Viola, born 1954 in Naples, has studied occidental and oriental philosophy. She also studied painting and has a piano diploma of the “Conservatorio di S. Pietro e Majella” in Naples.

Her studies of Economics and of Law (for which the doctor’s degree was conferred to her) show her practical side.

Regularly she took part in classes of yoga and occidental esotericism under the guidance of various teachers. Since 1987 she teaches yoga according to the classical method of the Bihar School of Yoga in Munger, India, where she followed perfection classes held by Swami Satyananda.

Then she met Pasquale Elia Cristiano with whom she studied mental dynamics, mystic cabala and did her 3rd degree of reiki.

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Rosa Viola 
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