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Our kitchen garden 

Biodynamic agriculture requires crop rotation: This summer the kitchen garden was right in front of the guest house. We had a fantastic reap of tomatoes from which we made 660 jars (1 kg each) of tomato sauce apart from the fresh sauce used for our daily dishes.
The pumpkins were marvellous: red and creamy like those from Mantova; we also made jam from them.
Courgettes (zucchini) were present all summer long; we even dried them in the sun to can them in oil. Just as well was the reap of chickpeas, string beans, green and red chilli peppers, and peppers.
For the winter kitchen garden we planted turnips in where formerly the tomatoes were and we put salads and cabbages together with Christmas broccoli around the well.
We intend to move the artichokes to another place because last year they were attacked by rats.


This year the yield of tomatoes was marvellous. We were able to cook fresh sauce all season long and made 660 jars of tomato sauce.

With our pumpkins we cooked every kind of meal: gorgeous pasta, grilled pumpkins and delicious jam, which was the most appreciated of all.